“Shane has made me a better athlete than I could have ever dreamed. He has taught me how to work hard and never be satisfied. He has figured out what type of training works best for me and the results prove it. I have broken all the strength records for my age at Solon HS.”

—Nathan Hoff


“The Instructors at MaxOut Sports, are so good with the children, you would think they have their degrees in childhood education. Their positive approach, patience, and consistency are really what sets your program above the rest. I just want you to know how happy we are to be part of the Lil’ Dragon and Ninja programs.”

—Parents of James and Jack


“It was awesome meeting all of the trainers working with my son in his quest toward a medal next weekend in his very first Judo competition! Great energy!!! Thank you MaxOut Sports!”

—Michele Palmer Alcorn


“This program is the single best, well-run, and well-rounded of its kind…our son, Cameron who is 6 yrs old, will most certainly take the confidence, discipline, work ethic, and respect all of which are leadership qualities that we see developing in him as establishing a foundation for the rest of his life.”

—Beth and Bob


“Truly awesome judo coaches! Teaching great techniques of European and Asian dojos”

—Anonymous from member survey


“My family and I were referred to MaxOut Sports Martial Arts and Fitness Center by a co-worker. I cannot overstate how impressed we were with the staff and programs offered. We travel more than 30 minutes for each session. We enjoy the one on one interaction, the ongoing encouragement and the fun we have training together as a family.”

—The Rundle Family


“Shane Hudson turned me from an average guy, to a superstar football player. His workouts are killer. His ethics are unbelievable. He turned me into a new better man from the inside out. Anyone who wants to feel better, look better, or be better should come to this man.”

—Austin Stock


“The staff is excellent. The facility is always clean. I switched from (name withheld) to MaxOut, because of the facility and knowledgeable staff.”

—Anonymous from member survey


“I am thoroughly impressed with the customer service, friendliness and professionalism, ease of communication and the positive energetic attitude exhibited by the instructors and staff. My aim in enrolling my son in this program was to see an improvement in his self-confidence and, after only a month, I see the positive difference in him.”

—Anonymous from member survey


“Excellent location, staff, and classes. I have recommended MaxOut Sports to my friends and neighbors.”

—Anonymous from member survey


“At 34, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life. The year of training truly has been lessons in life.”


“My 5 year old son is actually enjoying class and paying attention (he did not do this in another class. I am impressed with Instructor Ashley’s ability to teach discipline and technique, while making it fun for the children.”

—Anonymous from member survey


“Every person we have dealt with honestly cares about the success of the students. We are extremely pleased and feel fortunate to be associated with such a first-class business.”

—Estey family


“My daughter has been attending MaxOut and she loves it. I feel very secure knowing that she is in a safe environment participating in a highly disciplined and organized physical activity.”

—Anonymous from member survey


“Before I started training with Shane Hudson, I trained with a number of other trainers. As in many professions, there are excellent trainers and some are mediocre. I can honestly state without hesitation, that Shane Hudson is not only an excellent trainer but he is first of all a good and compassionate human being.

His experience as a trainer has enabled me to not only attain but also exceed my goals. When I first started training with him, I weighed 137lbs and was out of shape. Within ten months, I had won first place in the 123lb division at the Ohio State Powerlifting Championships. I also now have the confidence in fulfilling my dream of competing in a body building competition.

Without Shane’s motivation, encouragement, and expertise I would not have made it this far. Anyone training with Shane can expect to achieve their personal fitness goals.”

—Mara Zalle


“We have been very pleased with our son’s progress. The program is very well done and promotes discipline, fitness, respectful behavior, and responsibility. These are all important qualities for our family and it is nice to have it reinforced in such a fun and useful activity!”

—Anonymous from member survey


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