Corporate Fitness & Wellness Programs

Corporate Fitness & Wellness Programs

MaxOut Sports Fitness and Wellness Program


CorpFitThis Corporate Fitness & Wellness Program provides an exceptional opportunity for those employers and human resource managers who recognize that having fit, happy and healthy employees can be their company’s single greatest asset.


Recent statistics compiled by the health industry  point out employees who exercise can have an almost immediate positive impact on your company. Some reported company findings over a one year period include a 47% reduction in absenteeism, a 32% decrease in employee turnover, a 55% reduction in health care costs and a 27% increase in work performance. Less quantifiable, but as noticeable, were findings of improved company morale, job satisfaction, maintaining a positive mental work attitude and reduced employee stress. Health club memberships for employees are now considered to be an essential element for companies wishing to achieve these benefits.


Corporate Lunch & Learn Fitness Seminars


The most popular component of the MaxOut Sports Corporate Program is to provide your company, free of charge, a Lunch & Learn fitness seminar. Our Corporate Team will tailor a presentation for the topic most relevant to your company’s needs. Well received topics include:

  • Effective Stress Reduction Tips
  • Losing Weight and Keeping It Off
  • Get Fit – Stay Young
  • Fitness and a Positive Mental Attitude
  • The Best Workout to Get in Shape
  • Fifteen Minutes a Day to a Happier, Longer Life


Call To Get Started


To find out more about this program, and to book your free lunch and learn, call MaxOut Sports Corporate Wellness Manager Kimberly Hudson at 440-781-3444.


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