Close Combat Grappling Solutions

Close Combat Grappling Solutions

For Law Enforcement


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LawEnforcement2_000Over the last decade, there has been an annual average of 162 deaths, 55,176 Assaults and 15,975 injuries among law enforcement officers. This represents an average of 195 incidents per day. Being in harm’s way is an unpleasant fact for all peace officers.


MaxOut martial arts Close Combat Grappling Solutions (CCGS) defensive tactics training for subject control addresses some of the most important concerns in today’s officer training methods. The courses focus on the development of consistent standards in techniques and theory. CCGS emphasizes realistic training methodologies and conditioning regimens.


These programs provide an informative, exciting, and safe system of instruction emphasizing dynamic grappling and stand-up methods for subject control during close quarter defensive tactical situations. CCGS Grappling Action Protocols (GAP) programs can be tailored to meet your unique tactical or situational needs.


What Others are Saying about CCGS Clinics


LawEnforcement3_000“I have worked with the instructors at CCGS personally. They are extremely proficient and knowledgeable in the area of subject control. I think it would be highly beneficial for any law enforcement, corrections or private security agency to avail themselves of…their expertise.”

—Samuel D. Faulkner Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Law Enforcement Training Specialist

“The instruction and practical applications of the techniques were well received and applied directly to our mission. Several officers have had the opportunity to utilize the joint manipulations and grappling techniques taught on duty to control combative subjects…I have recommended…that we retain your services for future training.”

James A. Mariano, Lieutenant SHPD SWAT Commander

“The police officers you train learn some great stuff they don’t know how lucky they are to have a resource like CCGS.”

Joe Hurst, Secret Service Instructor

 “I was in your class for SHPD SWAT, GREAT STUFF, the whole team buzzed about it all weekend.”

—Officer Bruce Adkins, Shaker heights P.D.

“Your program is just what LEO’s need.”

—Drew Arthur, USMS

“CCGS provides professional instructors and the skills they instruct are proven to work and will benefit any officer that attends their training. They…care about law enforcement officers and teaching… techniques that will save their lives.”

—Sgt. Lee Frank Elyria P.D., Head Defensive Tactics Instructor

The Benefits

  • CCGS programs have been forged over the decades into an effectual field proven system of, concepts, methodologies, and techniques.
  • Unlike fixed teaching systems, CCGS methods are multidimensional and adaptable to the changing challenges found in today’s arena of tactical defense.
  • From the seasoned veteran to the rookie, CCGS programs enhance and engrain the skills necessary for effective subject control.
  • Most importantly, materials taught are physically and mentally retainable.

Course Instructors Qualifications


  • LawEnforcement_001Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) Certified Defensive Tactics Instructors.
  • Have years of experience teaching and training law enforcement officers (LEO’s).
  • Nationally and world ranked former competitors in Mixed Martial Arts, Judo, Sambo, Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jujitsu, Wrestling and Karate.
  • CCGS Instructors are Dedicated and Trained to Protect and Enhance the Safety and Well-Being of all Law Enforcement Officers.

Close Combat Grappling Solutions Courses

GAP-1 – This 8-hour introductory certification course for advanced defensive tactics focuses on CCGS’ Grappling Action Protocols. Emphasis is placed on real world methods for the officer’s safety and subject control.


GAP-2 – This 40-hour capstone course takes participants to the next level of tactical defense. Gross motor skills techniques taught in GAP-1 are refined and expanded upon to fulfill the requirements for a CCGS GAP-2 certification certificate.


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